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I boarded the Miley Cyrus train a while ago, and I ain’t getting off anytime soon. Powered by twerking and tongue The Miley Express is in motion, full steam ahead!

Miley snatched Hannah Montana’s weave with her new album “BANGERZ“. Side-note: I still remember in 4th grade when a girl in my class named Hannah pointed out that her name is the same if read forward or backwards. I was astonished and that girl became an A-Lister over night in my mind with that revelation! But, I digress.

Miley’s song “F U” was recently featured in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show (video below) but they blanked out the acronym that makes this song the perfect texting comeback to someone that just broke your heart. They can show models wearing lingerie but they can’t broadcast the letters F and U in a song? Interesting.

Check out the song I’m talking about:

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