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Singer Matt McGrath from Western Provides Some Study Tunes!

I’ve wanted to do some sort of Student Spotlight for a while and I think choosing Western University‘s Matt McGrath as the first student featured is the perfect choice!

I am a reporter for The Big Purple Couch TV Show and I first met Matt when he performed live on the couch portion of the show back in November. Before McGrath went on stage, he told me that he gets nervous speaking in front of crowds but performing for them is a whole other story! 



It was difficult to get a full conversation in with the singer, as he was constantly bombarded in The Spoke by people who knew him. But chatting with him was easy, as he is such a friendly and kind guy! Mark my words, Matt will be successful!

This second year student is extremely talented and I can’t wait to see what he has planned in the New Year!

Check out Matt’s cover of my newest favourite song Say Something by A Great Big World. I wonder if he’s singing this to someone in particular? I love his covers of multiple songs on his YouTube channel and I’m hoping to hear some original work that he’s written in the future!

Check out Matt on Twitter and Insta!

Have a suggestion for a future student to spotlight on I’d love to hear it! Tweet or Facebook message me!

And here’s Matt’s performance on The Big Purple Couch:

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