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1. Silent Floor Socializers

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People who decide to study on the silent floor of the library, only to spend the entire time talking and parading around the floor as if the concrete structure is their playground and the wooden cubicles with familiar faces are an invitation for socialization.

2. The Person Who Doesn’t Say Thank You For Guarding Their Stuff

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I’m sorry but did I not just watch your $1800 laptop while you left the building for an hour? A simple “thank you” would be nice. Actually, half of your Spoke bagel would suffice.

3. The ID card announcements during 24-Hour Exam periods

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Okay so this isn’t necessarily the person that you dislike but more the announcement itself. I would just like to say that a reminder from disgruntled security about students remembering to bring their student ID cards with them when they leave the building for Timmies, is understandable. I’ve been that person to forget my student ID. It makes sense that the security would be upset with the constant barrage of students trying to sneak in their Tim Horton’s bagel while trying to convince the security that they are actually indeed a Western student, who just forgot their student ID card in their Canada Goose jacket on 4th floor Weldon. I understand why the constant announcements have to be made, but it still can be an annoyance in the midst of finishing chapters of readings.

4. The Piece of Paper Seat Saver

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Don’t even get me started. Don’t be that person to leave a piece of paper and a pen at the cubicle you’re sitting at while you head back to your apartment to have dinner with your room mates. No one wants to be the person to sit at that cubicle and take your spot, even though we all know you won’t be back for hours.

5. The Large Crowds

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Walking into the front doors of Weldon and seeing how busy it is, immediately makes me anxious about not whether I’ll get a seat but more whether or not I’ll get the seat. You know what I mean, you’re favourite study floor and your favourite area, preferably with a plug. There’s tons of study space on campus, but I just prefer studying in the busiest and largest library on campus.


Some of my Western friends sent me their additions to the list, check them out below:

6. The Gym Bag Studier

middle finger gif

Really, dude? If I was that other guy sitting there beside the stuff, I probably would have said something would have given some major side eye. Like you’re not here to bench, so take your workout gear and protein powder off the cubicle desk and get to the gym. Come back once you’re ready to cram!

7. Carrot And Apple Eaters

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My friend Allie suggested this one and a bunch of people concurred. I can see how this can be annoying. Especially the people that sit there and eat their apple while creeping on what you’re up to. They decide that their apple eating is their study break and their activity while they take a break is to watch you study for your organic chemistry exam… actually, no, watch you study for your psych exam. Science students study in Taylor.

 8. People that blast their music via their headphones

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My friend Jessie suggested this one. I agree 100%. It’s almost like some people blast their music so that you can hear how unique they are listening to this 8-Tracks playlist. I mean, everyone listens to that playlist! It’s Gold Certified on 8-Tracks, plus it’s a Western student who created it.

9. The Contagious Coughers

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Both Katrina and Rebecca suggested this one! Katrina gave a pretty good explanation, with this:

You’re sick. Stay at home. Simple as that.

10. The High Heels/Boots People

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Rebecca suggested this one, and I can’t believe I forgot this one. There’s 3 feet of snow out, yet you chose to where your 8-inch heels to the library? Then you click-clack walk and strut your stuff like you’re on a runway, as you look for an open cubicle. Same with those peeps that wear their huge winter boots and make as much noise possible as they walk. I understand wearing the boots, but do you really have to make that much noise?


There are tons of positives about Weldon (like the amount of research resources, the helpful service desk, the different study zones, the 24-hour exam periods), I just listed some of the annoyances with exam season coming up, as a fourth year student who has been in this library countless times during the exam seasons.

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