When I started writing these Student Spotlight posts, I always had Sudha in mind to be featured at some point.

This Science student, Double majoring in Medical Sciences and French Literature, is a ball of energy and always so enthusiastic to get involved.

I met Sudha through the Campus Tour Guide program at Western and I’m glad I did because she is an inspirational person. Even among a loud crowd of university students crowded into a booth at Wednesday Night Rick’s, Sudha was able to spark up a lively discussion about various topics including love, politics, and goals.

Ayalasomayajula’s resume is full of extracurricular involvement, work experience and even TV hosting! She works as an Anesthesia Research Assistant at St. Joseph’s Hospital, a Research Assistant for the Holocaust Literature Research Institute and is the Vice President of Rural Action International, which is a non-profit registered charity that focuses on putting in medical clinics and schools in Zambia while helping women with business strategies to sell their cooked goods.

There’s so much that this gorgeous science soph of two years does! She tells me that she recently auditioned for Arts And Humanities “A View From the Roof” play and is “pretty excited but also nervous.” Don’t worry Sudha, I have faith in you!

Think Sudha’s couldn’t get any sweeter? Think again! Sudha is an advocate for the environment and I remember in a class that I had with her she actually brought her orange juice in a recycled tomato sauce jar. She also volunteered with Toronto’s Kipling Acres Resident home (picture below) and says of her 7 year experience with them “Every time I got back I mostly go to visit and spend time with my resident friends there. Most of the staff knows that I come and go [now that I am in University in London] so there are no formalities anymore.”


Some other fun facts about Sudha:

  • She took up guitar and piano last summer, teaching herself how to play ever since
  • She taught herself how to sew in her second year of university
  • Loves to do art projects and paint/draw
  • She writes poetry and even performed at the UNICEF Coffeehouse last year! m3GAvY3Zfbt-edgvT-eo7HZUcmU24bCXXQCHNWjRaQY

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