patrick durgy

When I woke up this morning and received a notification that my 19 year old brother Patrick Durgy had completed a Neknomiation, I was quite surprised.

Then I realized, there’s no way that my brother is going to be another one of those dudes binge drinking in some desperation to prove their masculinity. He isn’t about that life.

Speaking of the video, Patrick says, “Anyone can do it! Thats the reason I made this video, so everyone can see how easy it is to use the internet to help promote a positive cause instead of a negative one.”

I was very proud of my very own kin for creating a Neknomination challenge that would give back to the community while inspiring others to do the same.

In the video (link below) you’ll see my bro on ice with some of his Campbellton Tigers Junior A teammates, completing a creative challenge to raise money for groceries to donate to a local food bank.



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