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Recently Lana Del Rey caused some concern when she told The Guardian‘s Tim Jonze that she wishes she was “dead already”. These comments were released on the eve of the release of her latest album “ULTRAVIOLENCE“, an album that seems to echo Lana’s inner dark thoughts.

The fascination over Lana Del Rey has yet to slow down, and often critics’ accusations revolve around the theme of the singer being inauthentic. Del Rey, who’s birth name is Elizabeth Grant, is said to have grown up with money from her internet entrepreneur father. This theme of childhood affluence seems to be left out of the singer’s lyrics; perhaps because she claims the idea that her career was funded by her father is fictional, telling The Guardian:

“It was the exact opposite of that… We never had more money than anyone we ever knew in town. My dad was a well-loved entrepreneur – he was interested in the early dawning of the internet in 1994 – but it wasn’t anything that ever translated financially.”

I believe her “Sad Girl” (album reference) image is authentic. Listening to her music, it seems as though Lana isn’t playing off a “troubled girl” image to sell records, but rather is expressing her inner thoughts and feelings. Perhaps she suffers issues with her mental health, as many other do in our society. However, since she is a pretty person on the outside, the general public expects her to be a pretty person on the inside as well and any expression besides that is ridiculed, speculated, and labelled inauthentic.

As Lana says it best in the album’s title track, “Cause I was filled with poison, but blessed with beauty and rage“. Lana could be talking about a multitude of “poisons” here, perhaps about addiction or about depression. Either way, these lyrics suggest that beyond the beautiful image that she presents, she has a turmoil of thoughts and a war in her mind (Lana’s “Ride” reference).

I believe that it is the mystery behind an artist like Lana Del Rey that keeps people intrigued. Her album “ULTRAVIOLENCE” is, in my opinion, wonderful and honest. While most of the songs on the album are dark and psychedelic, it is this haunting vibe that really brings back the art form of music story telling.

What do you think about the tracks? Feel free to tweet me, @RyanDurgy, with your thoughts!

Check out some of my favourite tracks from the album, below:



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