I’ve been hearing Tove Lo‘s “Habits” and it’s accompanying “Stay High (Habits Remix)” version on the radio and television non-stop during my stay in California for the past week and a half!

I decided to get the singer’s EP, “Truth Serum“, and take a listen to some more of her songs! The standout tracks are the EP’s first two singles, “Habits” and “Not On Drugs“.

Habits” is seemingly about losing someone from your life, and numbing the pain through avoiding being sober and the potential repercussions from such a lifestyle, explored more in the music video below. The haunting lyrics of “Can’t go home again, need someone to numb the pain” suggest that perhaps her habits include a desire to bring someone home only as an attempt to get over the loss of someone from her life.

Tove Lo‘s second single, “Not On Drugs“, explores the idea of being high (once again) but this time it’s a high off of a new lover. I’m sure some of you reading this can relate; finding someone that seems different from the bunch and makes you feel elated all the time. This new lover has your endorphins in full force with their touch, their voice, their cute smile, their witty personality, that cute text they sent you, or whatever else really gets ya going!


Check out the two Tove Lo songs below!


Habits, Tove Lo, Music Video:

And the Stay High (Habits Remix) ft

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. Hippie Sabotage, Tove Lo, Music Video:

Not On Drugs, Tove Lo, Lyric Video:


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