Image Source: Tumblr
Image Source: Tumblr

Pop star impresses with new sensual music video

Ariana Grande is only 21 years-old, yet she is already on her way to being pop’s next princess!

For her most recent single, “Love Me Harder“, she enlisted the help of The Weeknd, and the result is magical.

Image Source: Tumblr
Image Source: Tumblr

The song lyrics are quite sexually suggestive, however, the music video went the sensual route. The video seems to be set in dream-sequence and the pop starlet is seen throughout rolling in sand and water. There are shots throughout the video that seem apocalyptic, with the house soon experiencing the different stages of a storm

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Perhaps, the storm is representative of a relationship that has beauty, yet may be quite volatile in nature.

Image Source: Tumblr
Image Source: Tumblr

Or perhaps I’m looking too deeply into it. Either way, check out the awesome video featuring The Weeknd for Ariana Grande‘s “Love Me Harder“, below:

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