What is an Albatraoz and why is there a dance song about it?

For reasons, unbeknownst to me, this “I’m an Albatraoz” song caught my ear’s attention.

I decided to Shazam it because without understanding the lyrics there was very little chance I was going to find the song without a little help from the app.

Shortly after discovering the AronChupa song and corresponding music video, I became even more obsessed with it.

My favourite part of the music video is the flawless snaps and moves of the dancers.

albatraoz snapping

Also, if I don’t feel like doing something can I just respond with:

“No way, I’m an Albatraoz”?

side eye gif

Whatever that means.

But actually, some of my quick research showed me that beyond being a Swedish electro-hip hop band founded by AronChupa, an Albatraoz is also a large bird.

The song talks about a little mouse named Lori in a big brown house being targeted by an Albatraoz, portrayed by the lead singer.

I feel like there has got to be deeper meaning to this song, but I’m just going to blast the beat and dance because I’ve done enough thinking for today!

Feel free to do the same.


Featured image source: MyVideo


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