uptown funk uwoThis makes me smile! As an alumnus of Western University, it’s always nice to see what students are up to and reminds you of all the memories you made as an undergrad.

Every few years #WesternU will contribute something to the viral world. During my first year that was the classic “White & Purple” music video shot right on campus.

Once and a while you may actually be part of a viral video, like the time I decided to do a video asking UWO students their opinion about recent stories that were completely made up in Lie Witness New: Western University Edition.

2015 has started off right for Western with this video that is going viral for all the right reasons. Saugeen Maitland Hall’s 5 Upper Floor is getting funky in their rendition of Uptown Funk, shot right in residence!

There’s onesies, dancing, lots of purple spirit, and even a stripper pole (2:06)! Check out the viral video “UPTOWN FUNK LIP DUB: SAUGEEN MAITLAND HALL- 5 UP – UWO” BELOW:

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