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| By Ryan Durgy |

It may be upsetting to think that the biggest accomplishment in your scent evolution has been discovering antiperspirants and ditching the middle school canned spray for your very first cologne. If the experts are correct, that first cologne was given as a gift and you’ve probably stuck with it ever since! It’s time to become a cologne connoisseur and invest in cologne that is an extension of you.

Steve Dillon has been working in the fragrance industry for 23 years and has perfected the art of selling cologne to men, sometimes a less challenging task than his expertise would allow.

“Men are random shoppers.” Dillon said with certainty, “They’ll just walk by, they’ll see a bottle that strikes their eye or they’ll remember a scent that a friend is wearing, something they’re longing to buy, and they’ll stop and they’ll buy it.”

Dillon currently works in the core of Canada’s largest city at Toronto’s flagship Hudson’s Bay store, within the men’s fragrances department. Dillon has a nose for the best scents of every season and has developed a range of options for men looking for their own smell to match their personality. He said that every man has a different category of scent that they gravitate towards; whether that is woody, spicy, aromatic, sweet, citrusy, pottery, or soapy is left to their preferences.

Juanita, who did not want to reveal her last name, has 30 years experience in the industry and said that men often buy their colognes based on the opinion of others rather than choosing their favourite scent.

“They’ll just say ‘my wife likes it, I’ll buy it’ or ‘what do you think? Do you like it? ‘Oh sure I like it’ ‘Okay I’ll take it’”, Juanita said.

Is this really true? Do men really mostly rely on others when investing in a scent that will follow them around during some of their most important moments? Let’s get to the bottom of this.

A stylish man in his late twenties approached the Bay’s men’s fragrance boutique, amidst the interview with Steve. Peter Bond is his name and he seems to assert some independence as he denies Juanita’s offer of assistance in selecting cologne. Bond is only 27 years old and yet he seems to know exactly what he wants with the cologne attributing to his personal scent.

When discussing how he chooses his cologne, Bond said that he usually gets the Hugo Boss brand, “If I’ve gotten in the habit of getting something, I just typically continue getting the same brand”. He said that his first cologne was Hugo Boss and was given to him as a gift.

“Men like order and consistency with their fragrances. “ Dillon told me. “They will stick to one fragrance and keep that one fragrance on their dresser for like 50 years… You can’t change them. It’s impossible,” he said

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According to Dillon, when shopping for colognes the most popular question asked is: Which fragrance is going to score the ladies? Men care about how they smell and they know that women care about how men smell. Men need to realize that smelling good is about more than getting laid, and is a way to express their personality for different important moments throughout their life.

To help men out in finding their perfect scent for different times in their life, the cologne expert Steve Dillon has some suggestions for the best colognes for each season.

For the fall and winter you want to wear a moody, spicy, aromatic, or musky fragrance that has depth to it can come through your cashmeres, wools, and heavy coats. Some of the top colognes that match this description, are provided below:

  • Jean Paul Gaultier-Le Male
  • Narciso RodriguezNarciso Rodriguez For Him
  • Burberry- Burberry London Men
  • Givenchy- Play Intense

During the spring and summer seasons, it is suggested that you go with citrus or light and fresh scents, such as the ones below:

  • Issey Miyake-Classic
  • Issey Miyake- Sport
  • Dolce & Gabbana- Light Blue Pour Homme
  • Hugo Boss- Boss Bottled

Remembering that change is okay and focusing on finding cologne that matches your personal brand should be a man’s main goal when shopping for scents.

“Fragrances on a body are like a finger print. They are all unique and all different. Trust your senses and pick out your own fragrance.” Dillon said.

When asked about any additional tips that he could provide for men, he remarked, “A little goes a long way… Don’t jump into the bottle”. This holiday season stand out with your scent being an addition to your personality while creating memories with the people you love!