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Canadian mom and model Coco Rocha is responding once again to the “haters” who critiqued her mothering skills.

As we told you last month, Coco came under fire from some of her Instagram followers after posting a photo of her daughter Ioni drinking baby formula.

At the time, she handled the criticism by telling her Instagram followers that “Anyone who has a negative comment to make on the way I raise my baby will be blocked. This is not a democracy, everyone doesn’t get a say.”

Now Coco has more to say to her most vocal critics! We caught up with Coco in Montreal on Wednesday night, who was in town for the IRO Montreal store opening, and she told us she knew she was going to face some heat for the photo.

“I had a feeling when I put that photo up that I was going to get that backlash,” she tells us. The model says it wasn’t the fact that people have a different opinion than her, but rather they didn’t know the facts. “But it’s just so funny that — it’s not funny, but it’s interesting that people are going to voice their opinion not knowing the facts. Whether I chose from the beginning to feed her that way, whether I couldn’t feed her, you know, naturally… And I couldn’t!”

Rocha revealed last month that after five months of breast feeding Ioni, she went “dry” and made the switch to baby formula.  “So that’s what even drove me more mad that they would have the audacity to say something.”

With sharing her life in such an open way with an Instagram following of a million people, there was bound to be some critics, although Coco says they should take their opinion somewhere else!

“I share so much here, and you have a right to have an opinion but you don’t have the right to write it here. So I blocked everyone that had some sort of opinion

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. The haters shut up and they stopped talking. But it, it is interesting people don’t realize that there isn’t just one way of mothering, there isn’t one way of doing something and as long as she is being fed, she’s being taken care of and loved, and as you can tell that baby smiles in every photo. She is, she’s doing good guys!”

For‘s video of Coco’s response to the haters, click here.