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Originally published on Radio Humber’s website

The office of privacy commissioner Daniel Therrien suggests the use of small camera-equipped drones should be restricted near “sensitive and protected” areas.

These areas would include residential neighbourhoods, schoolyards, and prisons.

Yifei Zhao, teacher of an unmanned aerial vehicles (also known as drones) course at Humber College says that Canadians have little to worry about regarding drones invading their privacy.

Zhao says that she often invites the people to her drone course to see in person that video becomes unusable at a certain distance.

“Once you fly above 100 feet or 100 feet away from any single person, you can not identify the person’s face, basically, from the video” Zhao says.

“At some point it becomes unusable in terms of privacy, if the person, the people, or the objects are too small in the video you won’t be able to identify them,” she says.

She says that permits require drones to fly no lower than 100 feet and no higher than 400 feet.

Source: Don McCullough via Flickr.
Source: Don McCullough via Flickr.