Image via Twitter/aliciakeys
Image via Twitter/aliciakeys

Alicia Keys is back at the piano once again and has created another hit song.

She has released her single “In Common” which I think has some major Jhene Aiko vibes to it.

The track is a tad bit faster than most of Aiko’s tracks but either way I think this is a great direction for her music.

Perhaps Aiko agrees… She did, after-all, favourite my tweet about the song:

Aiko’s 2013 single “The Worst” is the singer’s most popular on YouTube, with more than 70 million views.

Similiar to “The Worst”, on “In Common” Keys is vulnerable, with the lyrics like “If you could love somebody like me, you must be messed up too” standing out and probably hitting a chord with many.

Take a listen for yourself:

And check out this live-rendition, which was performed on “The Voice” where Keys will be a coach next season: